Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare

In a world of stress and uncertainty, Dogstroll wants to give you that peace of mind knowing your loved one is well taking care of. Our vision is to set the benchmark in how daycares are run and create a unique environment.

Dogs per Handler

Low ratio of dogs per handler

Professional Team

Well trained staff

Small Groups

Allows for undivided attention

Small Group Walk

Calm relaxing enrichment

Living Agility Course

Creates bond between dog and handler

The Sensory Garden

Stimulates the senses and good for confidence


Basic training makes for a balanced dog

Positive Reinforcement

Our selection of treats – Apples, Strawberries, Carrots, Chicken, Dry Biscuits

A day at DogStroll

Includes: Sensory Garden, Countryside Walks & Agility Fun!

Your dog will thrive in our unique doggy daycare environment. We believe in keeping your dog stimulated is the key to being balanced and happy.

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    Free Day Trial


    Times per Week Price per Day
    1 day trial FREE
    4 to 5 days £40
    1 to 3 days £45
    4-5 days for 2 dogs from the same house £75
    1-3 days for 2 dogs from the same house £80
    Weekend Dog Walk £25 per hour

    Our doggy Daycare includes:

    • FREE consultation and 1 day trial
    • low ratio of dogs,
    • woodland walks
    • stimulating environment
    • well trained staff
    • sensory garden
    • basic training
    • positive reinforcement
    • monthly reports
    • canine first aid trained
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    Puppy Daycare


    Times per Week Price per Day
    4 to 5 days £45
    1 to 3 days £50

    Our Puppies Daycare includes:

    • Setting puppies up for success through socialization
    • Gradually building confidence
    • Basic Training- Positive reinforcement
    • Positive association
    • Monitored play
    • Mental and Physical Stimulation
    • Learning from the older dogs
    • Essential rest
    • Learning manners
    • Seamlessly blending into the pack
  • Vet Visits

    Vet in the city

    Vet in the City offers a holistic approach to your dog’s health and wellness at doggy daycare. Keeping dogs healthy together isn’t just a tagline, it’s something we really believe in. Providing preventative medicine and proactive healthcare, you can rest easy knowing your dog is given the best year round care, allowing more fun time together at home. Know more about VET IN THE CITY

    Subscription Benefits

    • Daycare Centre visits
    • Annual Vaccinations
    • Quarterly Intestinal Worm
    • Monthly weight check
    • Monthly health check
    • Pamper Package
    • Annual urine test


    Nº of Dogs Price per Month
    1 £36
    2 £24

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